Single and ready to mingle...

Milk, I am your Father

Yes, I have a dirty mind.....

Everything I like.....


Where are my Cookies?

Back Seat Dog

Facebooking baby

Facebook Wasting Lives.....

It helps to be crazy!

Free Orgasm

Stop looking at my screen...

Funny Monkey

I Googled "Monkey Butt"

Luke Skywalker is 99%

Baby peeing on George Bush

No Bull Crap here.

I poked your mom.....

Internet Censored

National Debt

Captain Kirk Monkey

Many types of hot dogs.....

Open Bottle Here.

I like to put bacon on my bacon

Someone Farted...

Charlie Sheen Insane

Madoff and Wife

Rock Emo Kid

I found a liquor store...

I love meth....LOL

Poor wealthy people....

Oscar wants a beer

Pants On Head

Chuck Norris

Evolution of Stickmen

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